A Few Facts

About Colombian Fino Hounds

  • Commonly energetic and vocal pets
  • Consistency and patience are needed when teaching new tricks and commands
  • Head strong when working, but great with other animals and people
  • Daily exercise and play on a leash are recommended for health

Food. Love.



They have high levels of energy, so daily walks and exercise should be on the schedule. Due to their strong desire to explore and a high impulse to chase, their world is safer when walked on a leash. From swimming to hiking to bike rides and jogging, the Colombian Fino Hound is up for the challenge.


They are a very playful, affectionate and gentle breed because they respond strongly to their owner’s emotions.  They are kid friendly, social and enjoy being around people and playing with other animals.  Socializing sooner than later will allow your Fino Hound to enjoy all social activities and events by your side.


With a 12-13 years life expectancy, they are very healthy dogs but need regular vet visits. A seasonal flea and tick treatment is recommended.

Due their short, moderately shedding coat, minimal grooming is required. Provide baths focusing on the eyes and ears to avoid odor and infections.

Due to higher energy levels, joint supplements are recommended so your pet can enjoy excellent mobility for years to come.


2-3 cups of high-quality food is required per day. Follow the appropriate serving size depending on your brand of choice. We only provide our dogs with all natural, home grown and humanely raised Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (B.A.R.F) diet.

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