About Us

Our family adopted a Fino Hound after we visited Colombia in 2017 allowing us to bring the first of this breed into the USA. We quickly fell in love with her affection towards our children, people and other animals.  We decided we had to help expand these hounds so more people around the world could enjoy these amazing dogs.  We established Fino Hounds USA in 2018 and are now the ambassadors for the breed in the United States. Our dogs are raised in a state-of-the-art kennel on many acres in the hills of East Tennessee.  They only receive the best care by eating top of the line food, get plenty of exercise and play time, and are all up to date with their vaccines and health care.

Although Colombian Fino Hounds are recognized by the Colombian Kennel Club, our plan is to become recognized by FCI (World Canine Organization) and eventually the AKC (American Kennel Club). By bringing home one of these amazing puppies, you are not only helping accomplish this goal, but your life will be enriched for many days to come.

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