Colombian Fino Hounds are...

The Colombian Fino Hounds (Sabueso Fino Colombiano) are a rare scent hound who are active, intelligent and a hardworking dog breed. They make passionate hunting buddies and a friendly, affectionate family member. Due to their hunting nature, they can be headstrong while hunting but can work and live well with other dogs and animals.


& Family

Colombian Fino Hounds have a traceable history for over 200 years and have adapted to the diverse climates and geographical landscape of Colombia. This breed was developed from hound dogs imported from Europe and North America. They quickly became popular from the upper classes for sporting events to the humble classes to search for food. These hounds are very diverse due to the geographic isolation all over Colombia, and in recent years, they are not only used as hunting dogs, but have grown to make remarkable pets.


& Awards

Our model Estrella won “Best Female of the Breed in 2018,” and it is a privilege to have her as part of our kennel.

Best Colombian Fino Hound in 2018 from the Asociación Club Canino Colombiano (ACCC)

Food. Love.


It is imperative Colombian Fino Hounds are properly cared for by receiving appropriate amounts of activity, food and attention. Be responsible and caring.


How to Train?

Because of their obedience intelligence, they are quite easy to train. Consistency and patience are needed to teach new tricks and commands. They are average watchdogs because if they sense something different, they will alert you.

How to Walk?

They have high levels of energy, so daily walks and exercise should be on the schedule. Due to their strong desire to explore and a high impulse to chase, their world is safer when walked on a leash.

How to Play?

They are a very playful, affectionate and gentle breed because they respond strongly to their owner’s emotions.  They are kid friendly, social and enjoy being around people and playing with other animals.

How to Care?

With a 12-13 years life expectancy, they are very healthy dogs but need regular vet visits. A seasonal flea and tick treatment is recommended.

How to Groom?

Due their short, moderately shedding coat, minimal grooming is required. Provide baths focusing on the eyes and ears to avoid odor and infections.

How to Feed?

2-3 cups of high-quality food is required per day.  Follow the appropriate serving size depending on your brand of choice.


For Sale

Due to Colombia’s geographical diversity, these strong and muscular “howling” hounds have evolved into two different varieties.

Colombian Fino Hound (STANDARD)
Desired height at withers: “17-19.5”
Weight: between 33-55 lbs.

Colombian Fino Hound (LARGE)
Desired height at withers: 20”-22”
Weight: between 55-77 lbs.

Their sweet expressive almond eyes, long, broad ears and saber tail make for a stunning dog breed.  Their smooth, short coats come in many different color varieties. No matter what puppy you choose, you are sure to share a home with a healthy, loyal and beautiful companion.

*Puppies are subject to availability

*Puppies must be at least 3 months or older for purchase


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